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The owner of the business is Mr. Kostas Dimitrellis, has been working as a professional driver in travel agencies since 2013. From 1989 to 2011 he worked as a journalist and photographer in car magazines. The economic crisis in the country led him (along with numerous thousands of Greeks) to unemployment for a while. He was fortunate enough to find a job in a travel agency, simply because his employer needed someone not only sufficient as a driver, but also with good knowledge of the English language to be able to communicate with clients. His 20+ years of experience as a journalist / photographer in the car industry has made him the right person to be in the right place. And as it was seen from the response of his passengers, Kostas prooved very good at this job! (see customer reviews elsewhere on the site). The appreciation he received from his passengers for the last six years led him to make the decision to tackle the challenge of starting his own small business:

Hellenic Explorer is a young, small, individual business active in providing personal transport services for small groups of people (families, groups of friends e.t.c.). In addition, we have the ability to provide our clients with personal one-day or multi-day tourist services:

·         Shore excursions: Picking you up from your cruise ship and organizing private tours  to various destinations in the mainland within a radius up to 120 km in the area surrounding the port you are visiting.

·         Combined Multi-Day Tours: Organizing multi-day land tours means driving you around Greek mainland and help you to explore the beauties of the country in a cost-effective way. We are always able to customize each tour according to your specific needs. Also we can optionally provide (at an extra cost) professional licensed tour guides at each individual place of interest.

·         Transports/Shuttle Services: We can provide personal transportation to a great variety of terminals (Airport /Port / Train Station) in Athens and continental Greece.

We are licensed by the Greek Tourism Organization and our registered office is in Athens.                                               

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