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Greece is a small country, but with a long history. The diversity of the mainland terain is unique: high mountains wrapped with alpine forests alternate with wide sandy beaches and extensive archaeological sites adjoining medieval monasteries and churches. Come with us to explore the essence of all of this in detail, traveling by land!

Our Tour Services

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Shore Excursions

Traveling around the world by cruise ship is a very popular way of tourism. Many Greek ports receive huge cruise ship visits every year, and hundreds of coaches carry large groups of visitors to various destinations........

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If you visit Athens and have time available, we can help you explore the Greek mainland more. The country may be small in size, but there are many interesting destinations both in the Peloponnese and in mainland Greece ......

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Adventure & Sports

If you are thrilled to combine holiday relaxation with a little adventure, or sport, Greece is probably one of the best places to do it. Hiking, climbing and skiing are very popular activities mainly due to the mountainous terrain..... 

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Multi-Day Tours

If you would like to visit and explore beautiful sites beyond Athens, we are able to organize multi-day land tours to the Greek mainland and the Peloponnese. ...  

The difference between the van driver and the professional tour guide
(or, why we recommend using a licensed tour guide when visiting a museum, or archaeological site):

In order to protect our cultural heritage, the Greek government allows guided tours to be performed only by officially licensed guides to offer their services within archaeological sites, museums and churches throughout Greek territory.              
A professional, licensed tour guide has been trained in a special school for three years so that he/she can accurately present to the visitor all the historical events and bring to life the story of each place, connecting it with life in modern Greece. Choosing to visit an archaeological site with a professional licensed tour guide will enhance your experience and give you the opportunity for an in-depth analysis and presentation of what you see. Also, the history of each site can be related to the history of  other parts of Greece you may visit, so you will eventually have a complete and in-depth experience of your visit to the country. Private guided tours are ideal for families with young children, who are usually fascinated when they visit the home of Alexander the Great, Hercules, Poseidon, etc. getting kids more involved in the tour, which will make it even more interesting for them! Your tour guide can also provide you with accurate information about the various local attractions you can visit, as well as information about the local community and its customs.

The driver will drive you from one site to the other and will be waiting for you at a designated area. He will not accompany you to the archaeological sites and museums because he is not a professional licensed tour guide. Usually drivers know Greek history and mythology and can tell you about the sites on the way there, but their knowledge is rather limited.